Imagining a green environment, scented leaves and hear the rush of water must be liked by many people. Even some travel enthusiasts are willing to travel long distances and sometimes it is difficult to see and feel the shade of a place. Over time, a place of natural beauty will be more difficult to find if we and future generations do not care and care about the environment.

Reveur Hospitality, a hotel management that runs 3 4-star hotels in Surabaya and Bali, in collaboration with Tunas Hijau Indonesia, a non-profit organization that has a mission to educate and mentally plant young people to care for the environment, nurture and care for ecosystems and become spreaders goodness in their environment. With ECO GREEN PROGRAM, Reveur Hospitality and Tunas Hijau Indonesia mobilize the community by inviting guests in all managed hotels to participate.

By 1st March 2018, every guest staying at Java Paragon Hotel & Residences, Verwood Hotel & Serviced Residence and Bali Paragon Resort Hotel will have the opportunity to participate in this Eco Green program. All toiletries in the hotel room that are not used during the stay will be donated to Tunas Hijau Indonesia to assist their activities and projects in caring for and bringing a healthy environment into the future, as well as provide accommodations engaging in environmentally-friendly practices.